Rough stills from production of ‘Mikha’El’

More shots from the Holy Monastery of Panormitis


Another young man with physical challenges venerating the wonder-working icon of Archangel Michael.


Hegumon Ierotheos III leaving the Katholikon of the Monastery after Vespers.

Hegumon Use

The cantors during Vespers on Friday evening.


[Credit: Marcelle Abela].

Behind-the-scenes – 1

BTS shots taken while filming in the tiny hamlet of Panormitis

Some BTS stills showing the:

  • colorful houses that can be found on Symi Island, Greece (total inhabitants c. 2500);
  • hidden, enclosed hamlet and Holy Monastery of Panormitis at the southernmost part of Symi. Panormitis has one street, one church, one restaurant, one cafe, and one grocery store; all of which close down in winter except for the church. But the peace and joy that exist in Panormitis make this place a veritable haven. The Monastery has guest rooms for those who arrive;
  • wonder-working silver icon of Taxiarchis Michail in the Katholikon of the Monastery;
  • bottles / boats with messages sent to the Archangel from all over the world, which arrive in the sea of their own volition, no matter their origin;
  • pilgrims visiting to thank the Archangel and gift him a broom, or coming to beg for his assistance.

[Credit: Mariella Delia, producer].

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