Production on the documentary film ‘Mikha’El’ has commenced. BTS posts will appear here as we shoot the film, then enter into post-production


Old motion picture film reel with film strip. Vintage background

Already, the excitement among my crew is becoming contagious and we have just started. Today was an intense day of getting all the equipment ready:

“Where is that machine oil for the Roxant? Those weights, are they balanced yet?” (“Errm, we’re doing them right now”).

“I need an adapter!” (“Here’s your darned adapter!”).

“Are we going to have dailies?” (Yes).

“Hey, is that Sennheiser working?” (Minus the colorful adjectives).

The day has still not ended – and it is the next day.

We start rolling next week.  Continue reading “Rolling”

Mikha’El – Documentary film

First historically accurate docudrama in English, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin about the Archangel Michael in the history of cinema

MikHaEl copy

Full details about cast, crew, and filming locations will be released after production has been wrapped up. Pre-production details can be found at IMDb [Production artwork: Antonia Harris of Z-Group Studio].


Some bibliographic sources of the film:

  1. Dictionnaire infernal;
  2. Encomium on Saint Michael the Archangel;
  3. Genesis 2:4-3:24: Two generations in one day;
  4. History and Miracles of Taxiarchis Panormitis;
  5. The Talmud (Babylonian);
  6. The Torah (Elohist / Jahwist / Priestly);
  7. The Midrashim;
  8. The Septuagint;
  9. Secrets of a soul;
  10. Sharp’s Corresponding Maps: Asia Minor.
  11. Summa theologica;
  12. Catholic / Orthodox tradition.

An Avinu Films production.