Mikha’El – Documentary film

First historically accurate docudrama about Saint Michael the Archangel in the history of cinema by the award-winning writer-director Marcelle Abela and producer Mariella Delia.

Mikha’El is the first documentary in English and Hebrew about the legendary archangel. Details about the cast and crew will be released after production has been wrapped up.

Bibliography for the film:

  1. Genesis 2:4-3:24;
  2. The Talmud (Babylonian);
  3. The Torah (Elohist / Jahwist / Priestly);
  4. The Midrashim;
  5. The LXX;
  6. Secrets of a Soul;
  7. Summa Theologica;
  8. Dictionnaire Infernal;
  9. Catholic / Orthodox tradition.

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